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Hello [firstName]!

Thank you for the upcoming opportunity to provide you with our cleaning services.

We sincerely appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us by inviting our company into your home. When we’re finished, your home will be fresh and beautiful. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

This is a friendly reminder of your appointment with Kip’s in 2 days for:


The appointment was made for:


For your convenience, we have included information within this email to help you prepare for your appointment with us.

If you have any questions, or if for any reason the appointment needs to be changed or rescheduled, please contact us at 785-229-9203 or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you, and have a great day!


Mike Detwiler
436 S. Main
Ottawa, KS 66067

This information below has been provided to help you prepare for your cleaning so that the end results will thrill you.
Here are some suggestions to help both of us.


To obtain the best results possible, a quick vacuum of your carpet or a dust mop on your hard surface flooring is recommended. Remove all breakable items from furniture which will have to be temporarily moved to properly clean.


The short answer is NO. We, of course, appreciate anything you can do to help us out so we can focus on the services you asked us to provide. Also, please keep in mind we are not a moving company, and our technicians have limited ability to move heavy items safely.

Items that we are happy to move for you:

  • • Sofa
  • • Love Seat
  • • Recliner
  • • End Tables
  • • Coffee Table
  • • Dining Room Table & Chairs

Please remove lamps, pictures and other small breakable items so our technicians can focus on their work and not worry about accidentally breaking anything.

Some items that we do not move:

  • • Beds with head & foot boards
  • • Dressers
  • • China Hutch
  • • Book cases
  • • Piano
  • • Entertainment Center
  • • Electronics


For your peace of mind, please put all pets in a safe place, where our cleaning can not disturb them, and they can not run out an open door.


We do everything possible to reduce pet odors. However, due to depth of contamination, 100% success may not be attainable.

Also, for several days after cleaning you may notice an elevated odor due to higher humidity levels. We do offer advanced levels of odor removal. Please ask the technician for more information.


This is a very important part of your healthy home indoor air quality. Those of you that suffer from allergies should experience a reduction in symptoms. Another important benefit from a complete system clean is your system should return to its rated energy efficiency.

What should I do prior to your arrival?

Not much really. If your registers are wall mounted make certain any shelves, photos, lamps and knick knacks are removed to a safe place. We do not want to accidently knock something off the wall, shelves, or tables with our equipment. Floor mounted, baseboard registers are very easy to work around. You might want to move plants, boxes, and baskets to a safe place but that’s about it.

How do I get the best possible cleaning?

Well, you have already taken the first step by hiring us to do the work for you. Just remember, the more we know about what you want before we start, the easier it will be for us to get the kind of results you want. For example, how long has it been since your last professional cleaning? Do you have any areas of concern you can show us? If carpet is involved, have you ever experienced a spot that keeps coming back after each cleaning? If we know this in advance we can fix that for you. We are professionals at what we do!

When will we arrive?

We try our very best to be on schedule and arrive at the scheduled time. However, because of the nature of our business, things can come up that are out of our control, and customers do ask for additional services. We will give you a courtesy call, to inform you of an early or late arrival.

Because we understand that your time is important and so is ours, we ask that you try your best to be ready for the technicians when they arrive. If you must reschedule, please give us at least 48 hours notice so that we may have a chance to reschedule your time slot. We require a $35 cancelation fee for less then 48 hour notice.


Roof, Siding, Deck, Driveway and Fence

Power washing your roof, siding, deck and fence will extend their life, and prevent any health hazards from the accumulation of fungus or mildew. Moss, mildew and lichen if left for an extended period can leave permanent staining to the surface and in some cases can even consume and rot those surfaces it lives on.

We take site preparation very seriously as this is the first step to your satisfaction. We want to be sure that the only evidence of our having been there is a sparkling clean home.

Prior to our arrival please make sure all gates are unlocked, pets are secured and that we have access to outside water source. If you have patio or lawn furniture around our working area please have them moved to a safe location for protection from the cleaning. Some jobs can be extremely messy.


Yes! We Wash windows!

Please use the general description mentioned in the power washing section to help prepare for your window cleaning.

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