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Our Stay Beautiful Program

Sure, it ’s clean now…but what about in a few months?

Don’t you wish your carpeting could continue appearing fresh, smelling pleasant, and always look clean? Our Stay Beautiful Program offers year round protection so you do not have to be vexed about your carpeting looking dingy, smelling awful, or wearing out prematurely.

Here’s How It Works

Once you receive your first cleaning by us and your carpets appear fabulous, we complete payment and your invoice is submitted for services rendered. You’ll then be given the chance to join our Stay Beautiful Program. You’ll basically get TWO cleanings a year for the cost of ONE! Plus, we’ll provide one Emergency Spill & Spot Cleaning per year to utilize as needed for FREE ($105 value). There is no contract and you can decide how long you wish to remain in the program.


For Example

When Kip’s comes in and cleans the  wall-to-wall carpet in your home –  living room, dining room, den, and hall – and your invoice totals in the amount of $250.00, we would charge you that amount for your first cleaning. Then, as a Stay Beautiful Program member, the subsequent month and for as long as you stay in the program, your checking account or credit/debit card would be billed $25.00 minimum or 10% of the actual cleaning cost (whichever is greater).

Then, just prior to when your cleaning is due in six months, our office will contact you in order to schedule your next subsequent upcoming cleanings. You’ll owe nothing at the time of service if you don’t add on items or other rooms.

Then, just prior to 12 months from our initial visit, we’ll phone you to confirm a convenient time to come and clean your home’s wall-to-wall carpet of those same area as our original cleaning.


Plus, we offer you EXCLUSIVE value-added bonuses!

Picture this: one month after your cleaning, you accidentally drop an entire cup of your favorite coffee on your sparkling clean carpet. We will revisit your home and professionally take care of that spot/spill one time for FREE.

Kip’s Stay Beautiful customers also enjoy exclusive 20% off discounts on services that are not available to everyone else.

Other exclusive program benefits include:

  • • Excellent Value… Our Stay Beautiful Program saves you money
  • • You’ll never have to write a check again
  • • Your price is locked in for one full year! Even if our rates go up for non-Stay Beautiful Customers
  • • You’ll never have to remember to schedule a cleaning: our office staff will do it for you
  • • Improved Appearance. No ugly carpet ever… only Sparkling Clean carpet
  • • No long term obligation – You can cancel at anytime

Advantages of Joining the Program

Significantly improved Appearance

 Let’s face it, most folks put off tasks that are unpleasant for as long as possible, like having carpeting cleaned. We find that our customers value eliminating the headache of scheduling routine maintenance for their carpets, which is a huge time saver for them. Having a technician you like, from a business you trust, to maintain your carpet on a regular basis eliminates the necessity to go through the selection process. It also ensures your carpet is kept in the best possible condition to present its finest appearance at all times. Or in other words, your home and your carpeting will Stay Beautiful with Kip’s!

Carpets Last Longer

Carpets are a filter in your house. They filter debris and dust from the atmosphere and gather it in the carpet fibers. This really is fantastic for your breathing, but awful for your carpeting. All those tiny dust and dirt particles become embedded in your carpet and act like sand paper to your carpet fibers. This breaks it down over time and cuts into the fiber. Debris and filth, as it scratches and abrades the fibers, causes the light to refract further away from your eyes, rather than reflect equally. This causes the dark wear patterns in your traffic lanes and substantially reduces the quantity of years of life in your carpeting.

Pre-Scheduled Maintenance

We all have busy lives. Cleaning your carpeting is most likely one of the final things in your priority list until it becomes an issue. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to participate in Kip’s Stay Beautiful Program.

Great Worth

You will not only have amazing looking carpeting, but you will save money also by joining our Stay Beautiful Program. And who doesn’t like to save some dough? We offer a one-time Emergency Spot and Spill Cleaning ($105 value).

By keeping your carpets clean and maintaining them often, they are going to last up to 50% longer for almost half the cost. That’s like cash in the bank!

Family at home on clean carpet

Kip’s Carpet Cleaning offers you our Stay Beautiful Carpet Maintenance Program to keep you comfortable and healthy in your home!


Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose that I wish to cancel or move to a different residence?

You can definitely still participate in the program. Just invite us into your new home, and we are happy to give you an estimate on your new areas.

Can I include other services other than carpet cleaning?

Of course! Any services that we offer such as tile and grout, upholstery, window cleaning, area rugs or garage flooring, may be added at the time of service, and you’ll receive your exclusive 20% discount.

What areas aren’t covered under the Emergency Spot and Spill Cleaning?

The Emergency Spot and Spill cleaning does not include pet urine or feces, oil based products, extensive soiling throughout the house or major water or sewage damage. It’s intended to be “oops” protection and prevent spots from becoming permanent stains.

ADDED BONUS Discounts for signing up for Kip’s Stay Beautiful Program TODAY

You can book your appointment online as well.

As a Kip’s Stay Beautiful participant, you will also receive an EXCLUSIVE 10% OFF any auto detailing services from Kip’s Auto Detail.

Be sure to watch our social media pages and text messages for special coupons throughout the year as well.

Exclusive Auto Detail Discount for new Kip's Stay Beautiful Program Participants!