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Everyone likes a clean house, and the results of spring cleaning, but no one really enjoys doing it!

Let’s face it..there are very few people who actually enjoy cleaning their home – let alone spring-cleaning. However, just think how much better you will feel about your house with this sense of accomplishment! Kip’s wants to provide you with ten efficient and timely tips for the annual spring cleaning ritual, therefore hopefully making the monumental task a little easier.

1. You’ve gotta start somewhere!

For optimal spring cleaning results, you should always start at the top of your home and then work to the bottom. That way, once you start cleaning, you won’t be spreading the dirt and dust to areas which you’ve already covered. However, there’s no need to do the entire house in one go. Pace yourself and find a groove. The best process we’ve found is to begin with tidying and decluttering whatever space you begin with. Then, move on to dusting, cleaning and vacuuming, in that order.

2. Declutter!

Purge it! This is where you cast off of your stuff that you’ve not used in the past year. Truly, if you have not touched it or used it in that length of time, chances are you won’t. This is a perfect time to think about having a garage sale (and making a little moula!) or donating your stuff (clothing, gently used toys, household items, etc.) to a charity/thrift store.

3. Spring cleaning…Don’t forget the curtains!

Yes, the curtains call… Many people do not realize that if you fail to thoroughly clean (wash or dry clean) the curtains at least one to times per year, they will eventually rot and fall apart. Spring cleaning time is the perfect opportunity to attend to the curtains! Just be sure to remove any hooks before you give them a spin in the suds.

4. Deep(er) clean

Carpets and floors are a very important part of your home – it bodes well, then, to maintain these surfaces and deep clean them at least once per year. If you have pets or stains, you should clean more often. Not sure where to start with deep cleaning hardwood floors, grout and tile or carpet? Give Kip’s a call, and we’ll be thrilled to provide you a few estimate. And, if you’re a new customer, you’ll receive 10% off your first appointment/service!

5. Moths Be Gone!

Although usually forgotten, moths can be a huge pest when it comes to clothing. If left untreated, clothing and bedding will be eaten away by the little critters.

To prevent this from happening, do a thorough spring cleaning inside all drawer, cabinets and wardrobes. Then, grab a soft cloth and some cedarwood oil, and wipe down the surfaces you just cleaned with it. Furthermore, the moth larvae can be exterminated from clothing by using the safest, hottest wash cycle. Or, if you are leery of washing in a very hot water setting, place your items in a plastic bag and free them overnight.

6. And there was light!

Have you noticed that your lighting in the house is perhaps not as bright as it could be? There’s an easy solution for this! Let’s wash all the fixture globes and lamp shades, using regular dish soap and warm water. Use a damp cloth to clean the bulbs while the globes and shades are off. Any other fixed parts of the lamp or fixture can also be cleaned with a warm, damp cloth.

You will be amazed at how much dust/allergens these items collect over time!

7. Spring cleaning? Time to flip it!

Turning over and rotating your mattress every three months will extend its life, and help keep its shape. Before remaking your bed with bed linens, vacuum the mattress with a low setting to remove dust, mites and other allergens. For a more in-depth mattress cleaning, contact a professional mattress cleaning service, such as Kip’s!

8. Freshen the beds

The only thing better than fresh linens on the bed, is not having to set an alarm clock… However, we digress. One of the easiest ways to freshen up your sleeping area is to wash all of your bed linens. Both natural and synthetic fibers can be washed, although, if your appliances at home are not large enough, you may need to seek out a laundromat for those oversized items. Be sure to get the items dry – whether you decide to use a dryer for that or hang to dry. Never place damp or wet linens on the bed as they will sour.

9. Upholstery tending…

Many people enjoy slipcovers or upholstery covers on their furniture. Whether it is because the fabric underneath shows wear, are choosing the protect the upholstery underneath, or just want a different look, it is important to maintain these fabrics. Many times, these covers can be washed in a traditional washing machine, but be sure to check the label for proper instructions. In order to obtain the best fit for these covers, it is recommended to leave them just a little damp before replacing, or spray gently with water mist so that shaping can occur. Once they are dry, you have a nice, snug fit, provided that the covers are the right size for the object you are covering. We’re just about to the end of our spring cleaning checklist…so hang on for just one more…

10. Divide and conquer!

It is no secret that spring cleaning is a LOT of work…and there’s no need to do it all by yourself! Make a list of the tasks that need to be done and then split them between family members/housemates. Or, furthermore, if you’d rather, call a professional cleaning company, and let them do the work for you!

Kip’s in Ottawa offers over 25 quality services, and stands ready to serve you! Head on over to and check out we can offer you.

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