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Carpet Reviews:


We hired Kip’s Carpet Cleaning and are very happy with the techs. The work is so far so good.


Upholstery Cleaning Reviews:


I got 2 upholstery (sofas) cleaned and Tommy (the tech.) is my hero and I loved the outcome of his work.


Carpet Reviews:


Thanks for making this so much easier for me, since I am in CA. My tenant says the carpets look great.


Carpet Reviews:


I am thrilled with the techs. The work that the technician did was great.


Carpet Reviews:


I like the carpet again.It looks a lot better.


Carpet Reviews:


I am thrilled with the techs & mspace:they did great work.


Carpet Reviews:


The techs did a really good job on my carpets. I really liked it


Carpet Reviews:


Carpets look great. Thank you so much. Love your work.


Roof Washing Reviews


Did great. Very pleased. Neighbors came over and said it looked brand new again. Will definitely use you again.


Siding Reviews:


Looks great. Thank you and will use you again.


Air Ducts Reviews:


Everything looked great. Thank you for working in him so quick.


Windows Reviews:


Windows look beatiful. Thank you for doing such a great job.